Series Posts

These are some of the Series Posts that you can find in my blog from time to time ---

This consists of random things about me written under short headings that number according to my age. The post was started when I was 21 yrs old, and hence called 21 Reflections.

2)  Dearest Allah

These are my letters to God. Since I find it pretty difficult to talk to God while praying, sometimes, I write to God. These are my conversations with the Almighty, not necessarily prayers.

3)  Bloggers Quoted

Small lovely quotes taken from other blogs.

4) Books Quoted

My favourite quotes from the books that I read.

5)   Dreams

My dream journal.

6)   Beautiful Lyrics
My favourite song lyrics.

7) What a Pic!
Some individual pics that catch my eye.

8) Prayers
 Prayers and prayer songs that I like.



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