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Assalamalaykum and Helloz pplz :)

Welcome to my bunch of blogs !!

I am Almas Kiran Shamim…. Doctor by profession, Writer at heart.. :)

Have been born and brought up in a tiny little Indian town called Port Blair, situated in the Andaman & ; Nicobar Islands…..which must be the most pristine islands in the world, trust me!

For the past 6 years I’ve lived in Alleppey, Kerala, India; doing my graduation. Then I worked for a year in Port Blair as Medical Officer- State TB Control Cell which is the state unit of RNTCP- India's TB Control Programme. After that I pursued my Masters in Public Health at SCTIMST, Trivandrum, Kerala (yes, again!). I did my internship at the University of Bielefeld, Germany and am now then workinged as Medical Advocacy Officer at MSF Access Campaign, New Delhi. I am currently was then employed with ITSU as State Manager (Immunization) for Madhya Pradesh and based in Bhopal, and later as Program Manage- State Programs in ITSU's Delhi office. I am now a consultant with CTD. Yes, it's been a long time since I wrote this page and I have changed tremendously. I am not as slim as I look in the pic above and I also no longer wear the hijab. I will retain that pic however, coz, it reminds me of so many things in my life. 

I Truly Madly Deeply love my family, my religion, my country and cats (even if they are not in my family, not follow my religion and not from my country).

I love reading, writing and learning, though, what exactly I wish to learn keeps changing from time to time. :P

I love God and I love am intrigued by religion – all the religions….. I really believe in the presence of God everywhere and in everything and that the real fight is always between the Good and the Bad, the Right and the Wrong…. If there’s anything to religion beyond this, it’s destiny.

I am a Sagittarian… a pakka ..typical Sagittarian… :P you need to know anything more about my nature? You can read up the traits of a Sag woman and you’d know… :P

Pretty much about myself I guess… now about my blogs---

These blogs are my babies and am physically, mentally, emotionally… and all the possible –allys.. attached to them.

The main blog, “Jalpari-the Mermaid”, is the place where I write almost anything that I feel I should write about. It includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, philosophy, spirituality, social issues and some stuff from my life that would be totally irrelevant to you. I have a few Series posts that have been linked in a separate tab.

My Islam” is the blog about Islamic stuff alone.... and mostly my personal take on them.

Confrontation with MBBS” is my blog about my life as a medico initially (when I did not write much) and am keeping the same name even now, when my ‘medical undergraduate’ phase is almost over. It includes the ups and downs I face as a doctor, the problems existing in the medical field, some dark and some hilarious moments that this profession brings to our lives and just about anything related to my profession….

I also co-blog with my darling sister, Shaima Shamim, at our blog, “Bringing Up Fiza and Faris”, which is a blog about my darling twin nephew and niece.

My blogs have suffered because of the shortage of time I faced as a medico, but, I hope to blog more often and keep my babies healthy :) They are linked in the sidebar...

So, hope you like what you read :) …

And, if you don’t….. thanks newaz….:P

Take care!

God bless!

Disclaimer: All blogs under this profile are opinionated. No apologies. All offence intended. All emotions genuine.


Now reading ... "Crime and Punishment" by 'Fyodor Dostoyevsky'.



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