Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Half an hour

In half an hour's time, I will leave this beautiful, pleasant and calm town to go back to that bustling city with its haughty people.
To those who have loved me and cared for me, I share my heart and prayers. May the power that sustains this world shower upon you all beneficence.
Another night spent travelling. Voices that speak of love even in words so casual. Mountains. And a hollow in your heart. The not knowing what happens. That out of body feeling.
And warmth.

Thursday, 11 February 2016


They are strange. Those places where it can be cold. Where it can be hot. I find it amazing and amusing how the air around you can be so cold. How do we feel coldness? Ice should feel cold. The fridge should feel cold. How can what surrounds you be cold? Growing up in a hot place which was hot all year... maybe pleasant sometimes... I never really thought about cold much. I first saw cold in Germany but that was okay. Wasn't it Europe?
And then I came here. It was exactly a year ago. It was cold then too. And then came the heat which I embraced with open arms. Not coz I like heat. But only coz I am used to it. But like all things taken for granted, heat left without my appreciations. And then it all started getting cold again. As cold as our hearts are. And it's strange. Coz nothing gets cold. I mean food gets cold. But, this is like a ghost. All around you. Touching you. Like a pervert. Making you touch it.
And then it will be hot again. Then cold. Then hot. Then cold. Hilarious.
When I was a kid. There lived a sea. That will always be my favourite sea.


Now reading ... "Crime and Punishment" by 'Fyodor Dostoyevsky'.



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