Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Wedding.

                                               Standing in my princess gown,
                                               Cutting my wedding cake.
                                               Neck laden with jewels now,
                                               Diamonds, rubies and jade.

                                                                    Smiling masks over their faces;
                                                                    Confetti falling free;
                                                                    All around, of love, no traces,
                                                                    But that was the very deal
                                                All for paper-money-paper,
                                                Only dancing to its tune.
                                                Yeah, for paper-money-paper,
                                                A stranger as my groom!

                                                                     Killers, gamblers and drug-dealers,
                                                                     Will take it all without a frown.
                                                                     And I won’t mind a million girls
                                                                     As long as I’ve the crown.

                                               My beauty was all that you needed,
                                               Paper-money all I need.
                                              A marriage of convenience,
                                              On paper we signed the deal.

                                                                    All for paper-money-paper,
                                                                    Dollars, Rupees and Pounds.
                                                                    Yeah, for paper-money-paper                                                                     What’s world is all about!

~Almas Kiran Shamim

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

23 Reflections - from the same Mirror :) - Cartoons!!!

Assalam alaykum
Long time! :p
Well…. Got a 24 hr off, out of which I gladly slept for ten hours and spent the rest of the time ‘taking rest’ :P
Newaz… got to join back at 8pm today. Thought of doing my ‘Reflections’ ..
This time my reflections are mostly based on the stuff I used to watch on tv as a child… and other ‘Disney’ related stuff…
so, here goes..

1. As a kid, I had a crush on Aladdin. I mean I don’t know if that can be called a crush, but, Aladdin used to be The One for me….. the whole of Disney’s Arabian Nights used to be my favourite cartoon show on tv…. Zee TV used to air “Disney Hour” at 6pm {mera mera mera merrraa Disney... I love you love you Disney Disneyyy Hooourrrrr---yeah!! That one :) } and on some days they showed Arabian Nights from 6.30 to 7….. those used to be my happiest days :) …not that I disliked Duck Tales, TaleSpin and all… it’s just that, like I told, I had a crush on Aaddin…..:p

2. Even while playing video game (the video game of our generation….) my favourite was Aladdin. There was this one stage where I always used to get stuck…. There’d be no guards around, no other harmful stuff… but I just couldn’t get Aladdin out of it into the next stage. Still, this was one of the few games I used to absolutely love playing. I (playing for Aladdin)did reach the next stage twice or thrice, which had a big desert with poisonous flying snakes…., but to date I don’t know HOW I reached this new stage…..but, all the three times I died within five minutes coz I had spent too much energy trying to clear the previous stage.. :( :(

3. The other video game I totally loved was “Ninja Turtles” :) :P and I always used to play ‘alone in TWO PLAYER games’… ha ha ha!!!! That meant I was never defeated :p I ALWAYS chose two player games and defeated the second player (which did not exist!) ….
The Shredder was my favourite pic each time.. :p for those of you who don’t know this exalted being, The Shredder is the villain of the ‘Ninja Turtles’ series… he is a BAD GUY. :p buuuut… he is absolutely fantastic…. I loved that thing which he could do with his hands (literally SHRED the opponent)…raise the stupid turtles with his hand, swirling them and then throwing them on the ground…..and then doing that ‘punching the air’ move…. Ooooohhhh!!!!
I loves it :P
The few times I did play against the CPU (in single player games), I lost most of the times… and if I did win (which was very very rare)… I almost went crazy with happiness :P

4. Yet another video game I liked was Contra…. And I remember my childhood friend and neighbor, Vincent James, and I used to play this game whenever he came to my place for any reason… we both had that ‘exchanging game cds’ thing between us….. you give me your thhhaaatttt cd and I will give you my thissss cd for soooo many days.. :p

5. I loved video game, in general. Given that I didn’t have many friends around my house to play with, I spent a lot of time on video games.. :p

6. Coming back to Disney, I love Ariel, for obvious reasons….. :p she is a mermaid… and that is my handle for the past 6-7 years now…. ‘Jalpari’ means mermaid.. the reason I chose this profile name was coz I used to get recurrent dreams of mermaids… many a times I have seen myself as a mermaid….

Though, I haven’t seen a mermaid in my dreams for a long time now, ‘water’ is still a dominant element in my dreams. :)

7. Ariel, I think is a much better princess than most other Disney princesses. (and I ain’t saying this just coz of the mermaid connection I feel towards her). She is such a free spirit, such a lovely little ‘girl-fish’ full of life….she is naughty and yet not bad. She loves her father- disobeys him in her naughtiness? Yes!- but makes up for it, always. She breaks rules in an innocent way. And most importantly, she dares to love a ‘human-man’ (in the movie)… she’s not scared of losing her life as a mermaid. She’s not scared of breaking norms….. she dares to love. I like her… I really do believe that ppl should ‘dare to love’….. I believe I naughtiness. I believe in mischief. And I believe in laughing and fooling around. And I believe in courage. Ariel has alllllll this. :) am glad she is a mermaid- Jalpari :)

8. The only Disney Princess who can beat Ariel, I think, is Pocahontas. I haven’t seen the movie, nor seen any part of the cartoon. But, I HAVE read about her. It’s loosely based on a real life Princess in America. Pocahontas is brave… a girl who lives for a cause, who is spiritual, who can speak and understand languages that normal people cant, she is brave and strong and free spirited… and has a mind of her own…. I like this character. It’s a very ideal one….. this is the kind of person I strive to be. Brave. Courageous. Free. Good. :) not to forget…. She is NOT WHITE. :p and I am so so so NOT WHITE :) :) ha ha !! racist me!!!! :P

9. I don’t like most of the other Princesses. Find them quite sissy…. Cinderella, though considered oh-so-beautiful, is quite a rondu person. What is the English for rondu????? Huh!!! Whatever! Snow white, another idiot. All of them… pretty little idiots….. line se khada kar ke thhappad marna sabko…..:x

10. I love the name ‘Anastasia’. It is of Greek origin and means ‘Resurrection’. There was a Nurse in ward 4….. and she has a daughter named ‘Cinderella’. She was expecting another baby and we were thinking of a nice name for the kid…. If a boy, I suggested the name ‘Ivan’…. And if a girl, ‘Anastasia’….. she told she likes the name but many might mistake the name to be ‘Anaesthesia’…. :( given that we work in a medical setup….so, we were really hoping for a baby boy, coz naming wud be easy….however, she had a beautiful baby girl on 22nd July… she was finally named Angel. (in India- sex determination of the foetus is a punishable crime)

11. My sister calls me Uncle Scrooge, coz I have a natural pout. Super pout to be precise. She thinks, it makes me look like Uncle Scrooge.

12. There’s a Twitter Stream "disneywords" ……’s one of the loveliest streams on Twitter :)

13. If only we care to look, a lot of things that the Disney characters say have such deep meaning. Sounds silly if taken literally. But if only you look with eyes that can see, they are treasures of wisdom. :)

14. I lovesssss Popeye :P I have popeye slam book, popeye keychains, popeye this.. popeye that…. *pooo poooo*

15. Tom and Jerry is the bestest of the bestests things to have ever been created in the history of mankind. *No arguments*

16. Back to video games, it is sad that there are so many FB pages dedicated to Mario…. But not so many for Luigi….. :( I mean…. Whyyyyy???

17. Among the Indian cartoons…. Who is taller than cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha chaaa cha cha cha cha cha cha chaa chaaa chaaaaaa…


*Slaps* if you answered ‘Sabu’.

18. The Jupiter guy, Sabu, and Chacha Chowdhury were the bestest comics in my life….bestesttttttttttttttttttttttttttt … and the little asterisk (*) saying “Chacha chowdhury ka dimaah computer se bhi tez chalta hain” :P ROFLOL!!!

19. And how can we forget Pinky, Billu, Anderam Danderam…… and the varrrriiiiioouuusssss ‘fighter comics’ --- Naagraaj, Angara….. and this and that….

20. My favourite among these ‘male-idiots-oriented-comics’ was Angara….he always had a gun, and an eagle. I don’t remember the name of his eagle. He looked ooohh!! He wore a bandana and no shirt :P I used to get these ‘violent comics’ from my father’s best friend’s sons---- Rajesh and Kamal…. They were two of my childhood buddies… [almost all my shildhood buddies were boys…I used to sooooo want girl friends…:( ]

21. And the Tinkle comics characters----Suppandi, Kalia-the Crow, Doob doob, chamataka, Tantri- the Mantri, Hodja, Ramu and Shyamu, Shikari Shambhu >>>>>>>>>>> *teary eyes* :_)

22. One of my biggest desires in life is to watch all the Disney Movies….. alllllllllllllll of themmmmmmmm :)

23. Ending on a very very boastful note…
Walt Disney’s zodiac is Sagittarius….. :p :p :p

You know Sagittrius?????

THE SAGITTARIUS :) *dancing*

Lots of love until I get back to proper blogging and reading the lovely blogs I have missed out.

P.S- for those of you who are new to my blog, 23 reflections are simple 23 things about me…. The number changes with my age. This could probably be my last 23 Reflections….. if I live to see that day, inshaAllah, am turning 24 on Nov 28 :) and then it’d be 24 reflections. :)\
Allah hafiz

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Busy Bee Me :)

Assalam alaykum pplz :)
Long time….
Well… hadn’t been able to post anything for long coz of a sudden lack of time in my schedule… and probably the same trend would go on for a few more days……mmmmm like 30 days :P
The reason is that I am about to finish my internship (23 days more, inshaAllah) after which I have a HUGE load of packing to do (stuff of 6 yrs in Kerala). There are no real Packers and movers that have a centre in my far-off island (plz check a map of India for Andaman and Nicobar Islands to know exactly how far we are from the Indian mainland), so I’ll have to send the things thru TCI and they DO NOT pack things up…that means I have to actually arrange for the cartons and gunny bags and everything and do it all by myself.. :/ plus, all the paper work.. the completions from the various departments, the certificates and blah blah…. All this will take up a lot of time…
Things would have been better if I had some other posting but I’m beginning my Triage posting from today. And basically, we are posted in the Medicine casualty and trust me, this is not the place you’d like to be towards the very end of your course…. That means, I would struggle to even find time to breathe during these 15 days (*exaggerated*), let alone get my completion etc….that means I have to keep in hand a few more days after the 23 days of posting that remain, to be able to declare myself a free bird….
Am sleepy..
I need to sleep
Got 48 hrs duty today…starting at 8am….
Lol!! I was about to venture into a 120 hrs shift *applause*… but better sense prevailed and I shouted out for help *double applause* and after a little bit of adjustments made with the other two HS who are posted in Triage with me, I have settled for 48 hrs straight, followed by two night shifts….hopefully, all this doesn’t leave me drained out…..
So, ya… gotto sleep….
Allah hafiz


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