Monday, 25 April 2011

Little Black Spots in the Sun.

Untiring and relentless in his work
Not a moment of inaction shows Helios- the Sun.
Riding his chariot from dawn to dusk,
The fiery Sun God seems always on the run.

His fire was lit when Creation began,
He brightened the Heavens, the Seas and the Lands.
His heat, his zest and his raging flame,
Work with a passion that no one can match.

And yet when sometimes he gets overwhelmed,
A moment he tires, a moment he rests;
His purpose is defeated and darkness spreads;
Little black spots appear in his realm.

From Helios, O Man, you are no different,
Without action you'll have no life, no breath.
And until you live, you must work in earnest.
Coz' the Scriptures say 'Inaction is Death'.

Action'll take you from Darkness to Light,
Make you cross great depths and scale great heights.
And if you don't want any black spots in your life,
Awake from your slumber and work without respite.

So move ahead O Man and get your duty done.
Messages hidden in Nature now you must discern.
Little black spots in the blazing sun,
A vision to view- a lesson to learn.

~Almas Shamim

(topic suggested by Manshad Showkath, 94thAlpy)

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah

Please kill my heart. Kill my heart. Kill my feelings. Make me cold. My very dear God, please. Life is exhausting. Help me live as long as you keep me alive. See me thru this. Take care of me. . . Right now, this moment. Keep me With yourself. Hold me. Be with me. My Lord, my all, please make me cold. Turn me into a stone. Kill my heart. My very dear God. Kill my heart. Kill my senses. My God, my Ruler. . . Kill my heart. Make me cold. . . Stone cold.

Exhaustedly yours . .


Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
Thank you for answering me even before I could ask you the question properly. Thank you. I do not doubt you Allah Paak. I do not doubt your presence. . I do not doubt your words. . You are my best friend. . The bestest. . Coz When everything disappears, you still exist. . . When all go, you still remain . . When everything ceases, you still go on. . Ultimately, you are the only thing i possess. . Ultimately, you are the only thing that possesses me. You are the only thing i am sure of. You are my only one. My very dear Allah Paak, i wish i could sit down beside you and laugh . . Lay my head down on your lap and cry . . And hold your hand and walk . . While you explain to me why you are doing all that you are doing. . . There are people out here who tell that my religion is bad. I do not understand how do they know what my religion is ! They say that they believe in God . . But they dont believe in you . . They separate God and You . . . Arent they, then, who are dividing people? Tell me . . There are also people who say that they believe in You . . But they dont believe in that One which others believe in . . Arent they the ones, then, who are dividing you? I dont understand them Allah Paak. I dont understand what they speak. I do not understand most of the things. Or maybe I understand it all. Lolz . . I just know that you are the god and You are all that is. . . And even when i blaspheme . .i.e. If it is a blasphemy . .i.e. Whatever blasphemy is supposed to mean . . So, even when i blaspheme, i am still proclaiming your Superiority. For some strange reason i believe in a lot of things that you haven told. . For some strange reason, i believe that you have told it all. . . And actually . . I dont want to believe in anything else. My Dearest God! I do not know if I love you . . Coz i dont know what love is . . But i know that i am from you. And You are mine. And You are my creator and i am the created and yet we are one. And we'll hold hands and walk, and You'll tell me why you did all that you did. . . And for some strange reason, i feel your answer would be, 'For no particular reason' . . And for some strange reason I am fine with that. .
Me. :)

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
A strong heart. A hard heart. A heart that does not hurt. A heart that does not feel.

Friday, 15 April 2011


Like a never ending reel of film
The scenes run through my mind
They tear my being apart
Those lips, that smile and the gorgeous eyes.

It’s haunted that I feel…
By the memories that have been left behind.
It’s haunted that I feel…
And the scenes run through my mind…
And the scenes run through my mind…

So I leave my castle of dreams
Trying to shake myself up awake.
I plunge into the river
Letting myself drift away.
Escaping from one pain, moving into another,
Oh! I’m only trying to be alive!
I’m only trying to be alive!

And the scenes run through my mind…
And the scenes run through my mind…

I shut my ears to the voices
I pretend as if I do not see.
I laugh along with people
As if no pain has ever touched me.
Not thinking of you is an effort
Baby, you’ll never know how much I try.
Never know how much I try.

And the scenes run through my mind…
And the scenes run through my mind…

Like a snake wound round my neck
Your absence throttles me.
Your presence, too, was no less
I fear it’s already slaughtered me.
I’ll have to free myself of you
That I may live again after I’ve died.
I may live again after I’ve died.

But, the scenes run through my mind…
But, the scenes run through my mind…

It’s haunted that I feel…
By the memories that have been left behind.
It’s haunted that I feel…
And the scenes run through my mind…
And the scenes run through my mind…

~Almas Shamim

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Out Of Sight...

Who says what's out of sight is out of mind?
Ask me. . .and I'll tell you the truth inside. .

What's out of sight, flows through your veins. .
It clouds you, shrouds you, your life it pervades. .

It becomes your breath- your in, your out. .
That which you can't live without. .

It becomes a want, a need so deep. .
Within your heart that you cannot keep. .

It becomes your strength, your power, your drive. .
That unseen force which helps you survive. .

It becomes your weakness, your war, your strife. .
That which kills you each moment of your life. .

It becomes the fragrance that blows with the air. .
That which makes you feel Heaven's right there. .

It becomes the beauty hidden in a child's smile. .
Your motivation to go mile after mile. .

It becomes the tear that wets your eyes. .
To clear your vision, to clear your sight. .

It becomes a grief, a pain, a disease. .
A wound that just doesn't stop to bleed. .

So, who says what's out of sight is out of mind?
Trust me. . It's a crescendo that never subsides. . . . .

~ Almas Shamim.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

"Dancing on the Edge" by Han Nolan **Quoted**

‘Dancing on the Edge’ by Han Nolan is the story of Miracle, a child who grows up without a mother…. She is brought up by her paternal granny who is a shrink by profession and inculcates into Miracle a deflection towards the Unseen and the Magical. A life lived entirely based upon the significance of particular colours and particular numbers, Miracle is shown to be a child totally incapacitated to deal with ‘life’ normally. A peculiar turn of events, beginning with the ‘melting’ of Miracle’s father, Dave; brings the truth of her life in front of her eyes… the truth that had always been shining bright…. The truth that was being denied by her grandmother…. The truth that Miracle was an unwanted child….
The story deals with an array of human emotions… most importantly, the inner storm of children born out of unwanted teen pregnancies and their struggle to cope up with an ever abusing world… their search for a place where they are needed, loved and accepted… and their fight to survive.

Some of my my fav lines are >>

• Maybe people existed only as long as you were seeing them, only as long as your mind could conjure them up. Maybe I existed only as long as someone was looking at me, or thinking about me. The rest of the time where was I? Who was I?

• Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.

• Needing people too much just drove them away. Loving someone did something to their hearts.

• She told me Roy left her for someone who didn’t do things like scratch her boyfriend’s name in her arm. She said he was afraid of the commitment a Roy scar demanded.

• They call that sublimating- when you do something good instead of what you really want to do.

• There’s always light after the dark. You have to get through that dark place to get to it, but it’s there, waiting for you. It’s like riding on a train through a dark tunnel. If you get so scared you jump off in the middle of the ride, then you’re there, in the tunnel, stuck in the dark. You have to ride the train all the way to the end of the ride. There’s the light. It’s waiting for you, Miracle. Don’t jump off in the middle.

• The room was quiet. I hated the silence. All kinds of thought could pop up in that silence. Silence was like the dark, anything could be hiding in it.


Now reading ... "Crime and Punishment" by 'Fyodor Dostoyevsky'.



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