Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dr. Almas Shamim

Assalam alaykum
:) It's been really long since I wrote something here. . . Well, the good news is that I have passed my final mbbs exams. . . Guess what that means? :) that means ki Alhamdulillah I an a doctor now. . . How much of doctori I know is a different matter altogether. :p newaz. . . So, the real thing is that from now on you all are goin to call me doctor :) Oki? :) ha ha :)
hmmm . . My results were out on the 4th of October. And hey, it's been one month now. . . :) wow! So, that day I got a new watch :) I has a happy. It's a Titan Raga.:) I reached Kerala back on the 12th. We had been told that our hs starts from the 15th. Newaz. . . It started from the 20th. That means today is my 16th day as a working as a doctor :) newaz.. . I havent got a room in the hs quarters till now. Am staying at aunty's place. Have vacated St. Joseph's. Got a C7 for my bday :) Alhamdulillah. :) Right now am on my C7. . . And I am having my night casualty. I am in Medicine btw. . In Unit M3. Unit Chief is Dr. Suma . . . She has been lovely ab tak toh. . :) Alhamdulillah. . . The other doctors are. . Dr. Jacob Jayan and Dr. Renemol, she is on leave coz she Got injured in some accident. Our pg is Dr. Suresh. When we had joined, we had Our senior batch with us. With me, in the female ward was Shiyas ikka. . . . Who was absolutely fantastic. . . Ok. . . Now my cel ka battery is low. . . So will end here. . . tc.
Allah hafiz


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Day 101#, 28 September, 2010


1. Outing
2. Pastries.
3. Tryin not to sink into a dep again.

Allah hafiz

Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 100#, 27 September, 2010


1. Had drumstick leaves and potato.

2. Davis told that our results would be out next week. InshaAllah. At least I’d be either here or there.

3. Settled some things bout my blog. No more linkin to fb.

4. Trying not to feel desp.

5. Not changin my blog name, coz de-attachment, bout which I was talkin yesterday, is makin me upset.

6. Tryin not to be demanding with myself.

7. Went through an online guide to drawing cartoons. :)

Allah hafiz

The Shadows.

The Light recedes and The Darkness grows.
Promises may be kept, but then, who knows?
The return of The Light is but only a promise,
How far will you run from The Shadows?

Knowing on Star Movies..


Saw the movie 'Knowing' on Star Movies ....loved Niccage, as usual.... and noted down these two lines...

* ‎. . No one knew what was coming, life was just a string of random accidents and mistakes.

* We havent spoken for so long, I dont even remember why anymore.


Allah hafiz

Day 99#, 26 September 2010

1# Went with aapa, bhaiya, Fiza, Faris, Raheema and the new gal, Nisha, to “Rose Valley Resort”. It’s beautiful. The place has lovely cottages, a swimming pool with a lovely shade of blue (sorry, but don’t ask me the name of the shade of blue… I’m shade blind!), a temple, lots of jungle (not that our Islands have much besides the jungle and the sea) and of course the restaurant and the bar. Bhaiya, Fiza and Faris went into the pool. There was another couple with their tiny baby daughter, Diya- they had a U.P. number plate on their car, probably in the Defence. The food was not exactly nice. I had Rotis, daal, dum aaloo, fish fry (coz’ I couldn’t have chicken (coz’ for some strange reason I believed it was jhatka)), salad, gulaab jamun and lots and lots of water. And ya, before the lunch, we had French fries and cheese balls with salted lassi (no, we didn’t order for the salted one! We wanted it sweet…later they added sugar, which, as it turned out, was fake). And ya, while in the pool, all that Faris could think bout was ‘crocodile’ and ‘saap’ :/ BTW, just before entering the Resort, I noted a board saying “CROCODILE INHABITED AREA” :) that was another ‘first-timer’ for me! :D and Fiza has got aphthous ulcers and my angel couldn’t eat much, not that she eats much otherwise, but still… and the guy whom my sister ‘SOOOO TOTALLY!!!’ wants to make her brother-in-law was also there, though I didn’t see him. In any case, he went somewhere which was not the restaurant coz’ WE were in the restaurant.. so obviously it was the bar.. so we know if we should be making him my sister’s brother-in-law! coughcough* Bhaiya is of the opinion that this Mr. doesn’t drink, but, then, bhaiya is an advocate, and a shrewd one at that.. he can actually argue us all into admitting that the moon is a diamond stolen by the aliens and rain water is coca-cola. Plus, :) this guy doesn’t seem like one who wud be wishing to marry a girl who is of the hijab wearing variety. :P

2# I almost got into trouble with bhaiya when I asked him to take Fiza to the toilet :P either he forgot the offence or decided to forgive me for the crime :p

3# Aapa had a dream-come-true moment wen she saw ‘Calcutta Varieties’ open today, a Sunday :) she bought some ESPECIALLY-cheap-and-of-bad-quality nail polishes (which she will discard after using once or twice coz they are.. wel… ESPECIALLY-cheap-and-of-bad-quality!), some hair bands and those kinds of things… I bought an Apricot scrub (coz my beautician a.k.a my aapa told me that walnut isn’t good!) and those kinds of things.

4# I realized (again) that God made Radha (who worked as a governess (kind of!) to Fiza) run away, only so that Raheema may stay. Alhamdulillah for His Ways!

5# When in aapa’s house, I saw Raheema drawing the already drawn curtains some more to try to avoid Fiza from wakin up coz of the light!

6# Saw ‘Knowing’ on Star Movies and realized (again) what a beeeeeaaaauuttiiffuuulll man Nicolas Cage is!

7# Successfully avoided a fight with abbu over whether it ( a certain place I was talkin bout) was Brichgunj or Bidinabad.. Alhumdulillah!!!

8# Finally decided to change the name of my blog….:) … I’ll miss the name “Jalpari- The Mermaid”… but, well…. I guess, too much attachment is too bad… and the only cure of too much attachment, that is, if it could ever be cured, is de-attachment and so inshaAllah I’ll be de-attaching my feelings for my blog name….

Allah hafiz

Sunday, 26 September 2010

And the snow took us by surprise. . .


*"Acting like a man in love. . . Made him a man in love."

*"Sometimes life calls for a change, like the seasons. Our spring was wonderful but our summer is now over. We let the autumn go and now it's all cold. We let our love fall asleep and the snow took us by surprise. But if you fall asleep in the snow, death comes after you."
~Paris je t'aime

lovely movie :)

Allah hafiz

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 98 #, 25 September 2010

1# Aapa sent me soft and fluffy home made idlys, nariyal ka chutney and something that was supposed to be sambhar but I found it more like daal with lots of bhindi and tamatar. I loved all of it. Mummy had only one idly, shez not really into south Indian food. Actually, shez not into anything south Indian. Abbu doent eat idly vidly. Well, so I had the rest. Some chutney still remains. It’s delicious.

2# Today, mummy told that my jaan must be a good boy. :) I felt very happy. We don’t know if he is or not. But I would love to believe that he is. :)

3# Again went to samundar kinara for mummy ka walking. She’s able to walk, but not for long. 12 minutes max. Khair, Alhamdulillah for what we have and what we don’t.

4# My mood was totally disastrous after a grand fight with abbu and I was sulking like hell and mummy told me that she’d give me something after I got ready (to go to samundar kinara) and I was suddenly very happy coz I thought it wud be ‘Bournville’… but, actually mummy wanted to give me 5000 rs. I again got mad coz I didn’t want money!!! Newaz…. After we finally got to samundar kinara, my temper came down…. I strolled up to the Press on my own while mummy was walking behind. I absolutely LOVE walking alone. And when ‘walking’ is to be done beside the big black sea beautifully reflecting the light from the streetlights and the gorgeous Ross Island lined with lights that make it look as if a string of glowing pearl is deftly floating on the sea, then it’s heaven on earth. :)

5# Mummy and I waited for abbu to bring the car to the college gate… there we could hear the waves crashing against ‘whatever’ under the road before it made its way into the town in the form a back-water that later joins the naalas makin our sewage. I faced the enormous expanse of water before me and exclaimed that it is beautiful! Mummy asked, ‘beautiful????’…. and I changed my expression and told ‘Scary!’ …. Indeed, the power that lies hidden in that extremely gorgeous sea is so overwhelmingly scary. That same sea had boiled over onto that same road on which we were standing, some 6 years ago. While the tsunami didn’t affect our homes or our family, the fact that the sea can cross over into our lives….and destroy it… never leaves our mind when we look at it. And so when we heard the crashing of the waves against whatever it was crashing against, mummy told that all these powerful forces are held in their places by the command of Allah. Truly, a single little ‘go’ from Allah and the sea would rise up and gulp us down. It was only by the leave of the Most Powerful One that I could stand at the edge of the land, almost at level with the sea, and look ahead and see the black sea merging with the black sky. Felt so grateful for not being ‘gulped down’.

6# On our way back, drove around the town… and when we reached Bazaar back, found that Tillai Bakery was still open. Bought 3 pastries and some sweets.

7# Fight with abbu- over :) Alhamdulillah!

8# Aapa and Bhaiya will take me out for lunch tomorrow inshaAllah. :)

Allah hafiz

Day 97 #, 24 September, 2010

  1. Went to samundar kinara with mummy. Twas high tide and the water was splashing onto the road.. saw this scene after a very long time.
  2. Something bout jaan made me very upset. :( .... but then somehow I got over the bad feeling… gave him the ‘benefit of doubt’, so to say! as if it matters!! rolling eyes :P Newaz.. I dont like feeling ‘bad’ things bout him…it’s a bad feeling.. then the whole world goes bad bad :( so, it’s good to get over it.
  3. Downloaded the Zip reader…so can read the e-books now, though, for some strange reason, I’m unable to open The Lost Symbol…but, khair!
  4. I’m also very happy to have that effing person off my life! Mr. Moko :S …
  5. Fought against myself to keep my Orkut account from being deleted! Dont know how long wil I be able to stop myself, but.. well… as of today.. it’s alive.
  6. Read my old blog posts… :)) got a happy :))

Allah hafiz

Moral Science :)

Again, from the 'old stuff' in an 'old shelf', I found my old Moral Science note books.
While most of the old ones were used up to collect pictures for the coming years' note books, my 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th std notebooks are well preserved, Alhamdulillah!

Actually, from 9th std. we had our Principal takin our Moral Science classes... and she had told us to 'preserve' the notebook. And I had continued my 10th in the 9th notebook itself.
Likewise, I used one notebook for 11th and 12th.

Here are pics of a few pages from my notebooks :P

This one was to show how special we are :)

For the Independence Day :-

For this one, we were taken out into the playground and told to look around us and enjoy nature and then choose any one thing of nature and come back after around 15 minutes and draw that one thing. Then, to compare the two things- the one we had drawn to the real one- and realize that our art will never be the same as God's art. :)

This was again bout how special we are. I think most of Moral Science was bout telling us that we are very very special :)
We were told to advertise ourselves.. and this is how I did it :P

And this was another year's work for the Independence Day. We'd to write our 'Vision For India'. Can u see that fluorescent folded paper stuck on the blue background picture on the left?? well!! i had written my vision inside that fluorescent paper---

My Vision For India was-

"I hand over my nation's destiny to my Almighty as i MOTHER to be the 'Golden Bird' yet again, her children to be wise and patriotic, co-operating with the Govt., to think more than just themselves, not to suppress any religion/caste. A small part from each citizen is enough...and lastly..each couple to adopt/sponsor one child..this will do wonders. Amen."

:P :P :P

O.K. And this is the very next page. We had to write the Preamble to the Constitution. I wrote it (again) in a fluorescent yellow paper and stuck that paper over the top of the handkerchief this man is holding, so that it gives the "EFFECT" of being the Preamble of the Common Indian Man :D

Now, the man's handkerchief says "50 Years" (it was taken from an old magazine), and in 2004 August India was celebrating her 57th Year...but... well.... big deal!!!
You rather concentrate on the Common Man with the Preamble :P

:) :)

And just in case you didnt have a period called 'Moral Science'...well...It's a subject for non-Christian students, and also non-Catholic Christian students dealing with- exactly!- the Science of Morality. We have this period in place of Catechism (Catholicism) for the Catholics.

As goes widout saying....I super loveded Moral Science- the class... the text book.. the note book....the fact that we had to cover our notebooks with glass paper of the coloor of our Squads...the teacher (Sister Leela for the last few years).. the everything :))

Allah hafiz

Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 96 #, 23 September, 2010

Writing after a very very long time coz of various reasons.
Firstly, had exams. And secondly, my lap’s keypad wasn’t in working condition anymore.
So, well, here goes…

Went out with aapa to have dosa. Wanted to go to “Blue Sea” but aapa wanted to go to “Annapurna”. As happens wid me, Blue Sea’s restaurant was closed and we had to take an auto to Annapurna. Aapa told that she IS lucky….and then ki I too am lucky coz Blue Sea serves stupid dosa… dat means, God didn’t want me to have stupid dosa, so he made us go to Annapurna. :) ha ha! left handed optimism!

We also decided not to force the ‘tea-restriction’ on mummy coz’ well… life is too short to spend in restricting something as small as tea. I mean reducing the tea intake is fine..but a complete exclusion of tea from her diet is equivalent to murder!

At the restaurant had “Cocktail Idly” and “Chilly Idly” and “Masala Dosa” and coffee and lassi….:D

upgraded my Firefox…so am able to post pics on FB again.

Allah hafiz

Thursday, 23 September 2010

National Geographic : June '85 >> "The Afghan Girl" Cover.

Like the previous post, this is also bout the 'old stuff' I found in an 'old shelf'.
So well, this is a pic of a June 1985 copy of the National Geographic Magazine (The one with the girl, not the one wid the skeleton!).
The cover pic is a very famous pic known as "The Afghan Girl". In fact, tis considered the most recognized pic of the magazine.
The photographer is Steve McCurry.

The photo intrigued ppl so much that the magazine team located the girl out after many years and her pic was published again in the cover in the same pose, this time with a blue headcover.

And here is the pic of the first page of the article for which 'The Afghan Girl' was put on the cover.

Tis based on the Afghan-Soviet War and somehow it reminds me why people (some) blame America for the formation of the Taliban.
Here are the closing 2 paragraphs from the article--

<<"When the Prophet and His Companions used to go to jihad, they carried black flags, because war is not a good thing," he explains. "When we go to jihad today, it's not because we want to fight, but because we are compelled to fight for the sake of Islam, and for the freedom of Afghanistan."
As a heavy dusk deepens over the craggy hills, a muezzin's voice calls the men to prayer, and once again the mujahidin put aside their study of war.The holy warriors, Ishaq among them, spread their pattu on the ground, their weapons before them, and stand and bow and stand again. In the silence I feel their strong and quiet faith, and wish only for a swift and happy end to the struggle forced upon them.

~Debra Denker for National Geographic (June 1985)>>

The 'H' and 'C' of His Companions have been capitalized by me.

Allah hafiz

Monday, 20 September 2010

T.D.M.C College Magazine 1993 "La Quête" :p

Was "ghatofying" the old stuff in an old shelf and came across some old books :p
Here is one- "La Quête"

Pics from oue College Mag'93

The Princi and Vice-Princi

Our Kream Korner :p

And this is an interview of Dr. Shenoy

And these are pics of the College Magazine of S.D.College '87

That's it
Allah Hafiz


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