Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I Dream of Neverland :D

Had a mast dream last night.. sorry today morning.
In fact I woke up mid-dream.. they say ki subah ka sapna sach hota hai.. but the sad part is that there was nothing in the dream really that I wud to ‘sach ho jaye’.one of the meaning less dreams… taken completely from the things I had been thinking of the whole of the day yesterday.
It mostly had a kind of place that was almost like a little Disney world…(source of dream: Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, hav been reading a lot bout the man. :D). the only difference, it had apartments as well, and my aapa-bhaiya have taken an apartment there (source of dream: my aapa-bhaiya are planning on an apartment in chennai …plan’ing’ or plan’ned’.. I don know).. and ya, there’s Fiza Faaris too. We go for this ride where the children have to be tied to a seat.. pehle to fiza faaris ko I see as they were some 8-9 months back.. both lying on their back. Then suddenly I see ki Faaru is a grown up boy (I actually see someone else, but, rite now I ain’t able to recall exactly whom I had seen… but in the dream that boy, that other boy, whom I know otherwise, was playing the role of Faaris.) and he is sitting on one seat.. all alone.. and then I turn to look at Fiza and what do I see… she is a plastic doll..:D and that too not a normal plastic doll…. A very strange kind of a doll.. the size of my palm and totally flat.. more like a plastic cut out… and we tie her down to that seat with those strange cable like things and the ‘chaalak’ of the ride tells ki we shud be careful coz the ‘child’ ( referring to the doll) may fall off. and Faaris, who is all of a sudden, very grown up now (and not resembling anyone I know) comes and says some fundas.. something like the seat shud be lowered coz otherwise Fiza (the doll) mite get hurt… and then just as they are bout to start the ride, Fiza is out of her shell (the doll) and is the size of a 6-7 yr old really dark gal… with very little hair, crying and sick (source of dream: a few pics of some poor children in the rural parts of India that I saw in a blog by a medical student only hours before I slept) and Don says ki bichari.. kismet wasn’t good (meaning that if she had continued to be a doll she wud have been able to go for the ride.. but afsos ki she became a sick human..)
Newaz.. wat happens after that I don’t remember.. coz I walk away from the place and I hear a song and in the dream the song sounds very familiar.. very very familiar.. I strain my ears to hear the words and they are some hindi words and in the dream I think ki haaa!!! It is that song which I have been searching for.. and am very happy (actually, there’s this song that was aired for a max of 4-5 days around 6-7 years ago…. And I remember that I liked the song a lot.. I mean A LOT.. but I don’t remember anything bout the song… so I cant download it.. the only few words I remmebr are.. ‘sochta tha ki *** chand laake doonga ******** aa jaaye karaar .. har pal yaar har pal yaar hai tere liye….’ Something like dat.. and that song has haunted me forever after that. It happens a lot to me.. the song ‘give me just one nite’ by 98 degrees was one such song .. had heard the last 2 minutes of the song only ONCE on MTV and that song had haunted me for ever until a year back wen I searched like crazy for all boy bands that had a ‘number wala name’ coz that was the only thing I remembered bout the band name…and finally I cud get the song..newaz.. now bak to my dream)
But then I hear it for some more time and realize that it’s actually Desert Rose by Sting.. and well I heard quite a part of the whole song as I wandered thru that fantastic place that looked like a big playground. (source of dream: no source… came from that place where dreams are made)… and then I see a workshop, a very different kind of workshop (don’t ask me why was it different .. I just get the feeling that it was different) and enter and see that there is a strange old zamaane ka car for servicing (source of dream : chailey’s blog post at India-aaagh! bout his Scorpio servicing at Mahindra.. it’s an old post but I read it yesterday..)and there I see a little showcase with small rings with pictures of Krishna and Radha and Jesus (source of dream : Married to the masala’s blog post bout the sketches of the God’s statues she received at her wedding reception in India) and I also see a beeeauutiffuull crystal with “Allah” written in it.. but I don’t even touch it coz I know ki aahh!! It must be veerrryy expensive… then I see a little show piece with something written that have the same meaning as that of a quote I read yesterday… (source of dream : pen parks… or something like that.. is the new blog I visited yesterday.. and I read something there…this something was related to that something.. I don’t remember both of the ‘somethings’) and then suddenly I see clothes!!! (source of dream : I have been doing little other than thinking bout clothes.. my exams get over tomorrow.. I mena the theory part.. and me’s gotto go ot kochi for some shopping, inshaAllah) and I got here and say ki my sister comes here all the time.. she lives yahi pe (the neverland-like-place where they have bought the apartment… all these things, the rides, the servicing centre, the playground.. they are all in this ‘neverland’) usi waqt mummy enters and she looks here and there.. at this and that.. and she says something bout ‘British clothes’ (source of dream : blogpost in ‘in the footsteps of RasulAllah, S.A.W’ regarding Saira’s comments on burqa) and she touches a tunic like thing and says ki why don’t you try this ‘British Fan’ (whatever that menas.. and now am not sure if she said fan or fanny or fin or finny.. not that any of those words mean anything to me… except of course.. ‘fin’.. im a mermaid rite? So maybe she wanted me to try out the British Fins.. prolly they are better to swim with… again! The ‘fins’ didn’t look anything like ‘fins’ .. twas a lite blue piece of cotton cloth with some black graphic print and looked like a tunic or a long top…) and usi waqt I got mummy’s call (in real life) and I woke up. It was seven.. this part of the dream was between 6 and 7. I remember coz I had woken up at 6 to look at the table clock and went back to sleep.

Dream before 6am

I am in my hostel and current chala jaata hai and I come out to see that there’s some problem with something and the sisters are all takin bath in our bathrooms (they actually havetheir own bathrooms) and there’s a main in front of every room hanging in the air ( !!!whatever!!!) and im trying to do something with it.. but I fear that others will see me so I cover my hands with a blanket ( another !!!whatever!!!).. and then I decide to go down to the bathrooms (we don’t have attached bathrooms.. they are all together in a row on the opposite side of the wing where I live) so I start descending the stairs (my hostel is two storeyed but here in the dream ithink I lived on the sixth or seventh floor…. Coz the stairs didn’t seem to end..) meanwhile a gal was following me… Madeline.. from the 94th batch.. (source of dream: no source.. came from theplace where dreams are made)… and since I didn’t want her to follow me or maybe I didn’t want her to enter the bathroom before me I ‘parkour’ my way down the stairs..(source of dream : no source.. came from the place where dreams are made) yes you read it rite!! I ‘parkour’ down the stairs.. just the David Belle style….a leg here and a leg there.. a jump here and a jump there and lo! Am at the bottom of the staircase… (that gives me material for my next blog post.. not that I don’t have enuf material already.. but khair. Wil write bout Banlieue 13 in the next post) but probably Madeline knew parkour too (she was Cyril Raeffeli.. or shud we switch it over between us??? ok I take Raeffelli.. let Madeline be Belle) and she reaches just as I shut myself inside a cubicle.. and then I hear her ‘lock’ me from the outside and race up the stairs.. I was like ‘shit!’ and so I peep out thru the ventilation wala window… (it is exactly that.. a ventilation wala window.. that is EXACTLY what I mean) and I see Anisa standing near my room ( I told you rite.. the bathrooms are opposite to my wing.. so wen we r in the bathroom, we can see my wing ka verandah from there..) and I tell her to come downstairs.. and bring Madeline coz she’s locked me in here…and then I turn.. and touch the door and it opens up…shit again!!! She hadn locked me up… !!!! I had only ‘heard’ it…wow!! so I start climbing the stairs and that.. THAT …. THHHAAATTT is wen I enter this Neverland.. I see Anisa and I ask her ki yeh sab kya hai.. she says that they are statues in a museum (source of dream: have been reading a lot bout Italy’s history.. read something bout a museum yesterday..) and then I see Deers.. BIG brown deers and golden leaves on the ground…. Like its autumn… (I personally don’t have much idea bout the seasons… all seasons are so merged into each other in my place… that I never know!!! actually we have only one season in the andamans and also in Kerala.. ok two… One is Very Hot and Humid…. The other is Hot and Rainy)so well…then the stairs are so steep and they arre full of decorations.. plastic and paper castles…!!!whatever!!!.. that’s the only thing that person (whoever made this Neverland) got to decorate the steps with.. twas so difficult to walk on it….
And I also remember something bout a gal running up/down a staircase.. but it’s too hazy….
That’s all for the befor 6 am dream… after that was the Desert Rose thing that I saw….

So well..
Few things to be noted…
1. my dreams are always and ALWAYS colorful… sometimes I feel that the people who say dreams are blak and white are the biggest liars on this planet… most of the other people too have colorful dreams…
2. my dreams have the capacity to continue.. like I told that I was in neverland at 6am wen I woke up and then I went back to sleep and I was still in neverland… this has happened many times..my dreams can continue from I left them.. don’t know bout others…
3. the part bout the sisters busy in the bathrooms… and there being no current… well… now!! I mean RITE NOW.. as I am typing… something’s gone wrong with the motor and there’s no water and the sisters are standing just outside the bathrooms (not inside) just as busy as I saw them in my dream. So at least part of it and in some way was lived out…. Good! …
4. when we lie down….. we are at level with the past and the future…. We can easily drift into the past and the future… that doesn’t happen when we r awake.. coz we r mostly standing or sittings or walking or whatev…. We r not ‘in line’ with the traveling path.. the path that travels… the path is horizontal… wen we r in the horizontal plane .. our access to the past and the future is easier…
5. The above stated thing in point number 4 .. that’s not my funda.. read it somewhere years ago…. It’s just one of those things that found a belief in me!
6. ok.. going now!!! Got a paper tomorrow!

Allah Hafiz

Monday, 29 June 2009

Traffic Ways in The Developing World...


There are so many things that I want to write… uffff.. God knows where shud I start from…
The first thing that comes to my mind..
This is a little list of differences between the traffic ways of the developed and the developing world…. Taken from my text book, “Park’s Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine” 19th Edition, Chapter “Epidemiology of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and Conditions” page number 342.
I couldn agree more but well… the last point is simply mind-blowing!!! :D :D :D

Developing countries are very different from the industrialized countries with regard to the environment and the mix of vehicles in the traffic stream. The following are the more important differences:
1. Large number of pedestrians and animals share the roadway with fast-moving and slow-moving (e.g., bullock carts) vehicles. There is almost no segregation of pedestrians from wheeled traffic.
2. Large numbers of old poorly maintained vehicles.
3. Large numbers of motor cycles, scooters and mopeds.
4. Low driving standards.
5. Large numbers of buses, often overloaded.
6. Widespread disregard of traffic rules.
7. Defective roads, poor street lighting, defective layout of crossroads and speed breakers.


:D :D :D :D :D

Allah hafiz.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Keeping up with traditions

i wasted two and a half days. Now screwed.
Allah hafiz


Friday, 26 June 2009

The Gutsy Hijabis....


Here's the link to a post written by Gulshan, Liberating From Right To Personal Choice : Niqab
It's a wonderful post on the recent French Minister's bakwaas.
and since i dont have time to write a post on my own, here's the comment i wrote on Gulguli's post...

Assalam gulshan
This was such a wonderful post….
Surely, a ‘perhaps’ was not needed there… they definitely have gone nuts.
I myself don’t understand how can a person say that these women are ‘oppressed’.. I mean.. c’mon.. we r talking bout France and not some other Taliban ruled country, are we?
Imagine a gal in India… in some little village somewhere…wearing the hijab… maybe shes doing it for God.. maybe she’s doing out of force by her family.. maybe…
If u fight for her right ..ok
But imagine sayin that ‘me’ or ‘you’ are being forced.. it’s kind of stupid.. I mean if someone forces me.. or anyone to do something, I can straight away complain regarding it to the principal of my college, to the police, to the media… it will be such a big issue.
With so many woman’s rights workers, NGOs and the fact that I am not livin in a Shariah based country, if I still feel that I cant stop someone from forcing me to wear the hijab, it’s a shame.
Likewise for France…. Im sure that country too has associations for women upliftment, im sure the education standard of women in that country is good, better than India I believe, same goes for financial independence… even then if they feel that their women are being forced to wear the hijab , it’s not a shame on these women, it’s not a shame on the religion o fthese women..
But, it’s a big shame on this country.
A country which in spite of being so developed feels that its women are being ‘forced’ to wear something….. is ONE hell of a pathetic country.

In fact, I think it must be common knowledge to people that in the wake of the increasing hatred for Islam, if a woman is wearing a hijab or a jilbab or a niqab in a NON-MUSLIM SOCIETY, she is showing way way way more courage and independence than any other woman who is shedding the hijab.
While I don’t believe in forcing hijab upon anyone, and I believe it’s a very personal choice..
I do believe that a woman who is a hijabi and is being MADE to leave her hijab is the ONE BEING OPPRESSED… being OPPRESSED by these fighters of women’s independence.
Whereas a woman who, in spite of all the hatred towards hijabs, muslims and islam, goes on wearing that she wishes to, whether it is a plain hijab, a burqa, a niqab or whatever… is the one who’s got wat we call GUTS… she is standing up bravely covered in her ‘tent’ (as people like to call it) and look like a ‘ghost’ (as people like to call it)….proclaiming to the world that
“yes I belong to the most hated religion in the world, do wat you want, you suckers!”

SHE’s the woman I salute…..

So.. well...

All hijabis out there...
:) :)

let's hear a 'booooooooooo' for the man.. :) :)

Allah hafiz

I Love You Alrite.... But Never More Than Myself!


I had a fight with someone abhi abhi.. not exactly a fite.. but… well.. I think, after all, a fight. This person called me up and told that he wasn’t able to understand anything that was being taught in the class….and that all he had been doing was ‘messaging’ people…. That set me off.. coz well, he sent me only ‘THREE’ messages. And that too not coz he was getting bored or something but just coz something bout an sms that I sent him last night didn’t seem right to him. He wanted to know if the sms that I sent him last night meant wat it read or did it have a sarcastic undertone…
Well, it didn’t.
Then he told a sorry for asking so.
I asked him why was he apologizing.
To which he replied that he’d thot that I was angry and that’s why.
I told ki I was not and that its ok.. and not to reply….
You see, I told him ‘not to reply’ and he knows it that I tell ‘don’t reply’ only wen I feel he’s busy and I shudn be disturbing him.
The jerk never told me that it was ok and that he cud chat wid me coz anyways he wasn’t listening to the class.
Instead, he thot it’d be better to chat wid other ppl, including his sister.. the sister he meets everyday, the sister with whom he lives.
Each time I console myself and get on wid my ‘count the blessings’ this asshole does something that makes me feel like it’s all just not worth it.
Maybe im being over demanding… but then I think i have met so many of his demands that im entitled to get wat I ask of him.
I don’t understand why I keep pinning my hopes on him.
Probably coz he IS better than the rest…
The first thing that comes to my mind is, “andhon mein kaana raja” but, it’s not that… now .. no one in this world is perfect and so, he too has his faults.. but on the whole there are so many things good bout him that I just cant overlook them. I cant get myself to be so ungrateful that I shut down the good chapters in my life and concentrate on the bad ones and accuse him and accuse him and accuse him.
I try to be the kind of person that I shud be.. not letting my actions be based upon another person’s actions.. trying not to be the ‘I-wil-do-to-you-wat-you-did-to-me’… but you see, Am a human and I end up being influenced by the bad more than the good. I end up reacting in a way that I shudnt .. or maybe I shud.. I don’t know.
The bottomline is that a person, I mean, an ‘ideal’ person shudn base his actions upon someone else’s. like if he kicked me, I too shall kick him. If he abuses me, I too shall abuse him. But this is a super-humanly trait. I mean, it’s grt if we can do it but if we cant …there’s nothing wrong in that. Coz, I believe that a human, a ‘normal’ human wasn’t programmed to be so ‘feeling-less’. Normal humans tend to be in need of reciprocation.
As a super-human-idealistic-concept I can say that love is self-less and blah blah.
But being human, the same old human that I am, I need to realize and accept that love is selfless TO AN EXTENT and beyond that it is selfish, and if this selfish need isn’t met, the love gets disastrously selfish….i mean that this ‘selfishness’ goes on increasing to a level that can be dangerous.
It’s kind of like wat God says to the believers, ‘It’s better if we forgive.. but there’s no harm if we defend ourselves for justice.’
So, I think I aint being all that wrong wen it comes to the way im behaving towards this person in my life.

Im only asking back for wat I once gave him- ‘dedication’.
Yes, he’s given me a lot of other things… and those are things that are the exact reason why im hanging on, why I calm myself down and buoy myself up to look at the brighter side of things…
But, still…. As a human …. I want the ‘dedication’ back. To say that I shud reverse my life and make things the way they were once upon a time is so stupid. We all know that things done cannot be changed.
Nothing can be changed.
I can only move on.
And I ma moving on, aint i?
I only want him to move on the same way that he once prescribed for me.
And if he doent…
Well… I am most definitely gonna be pissed off….
Most definitely

You see, I will go on with this for as long as I can. Coz I treasure relationships.. I have very few of them and so I try to nourish each one that I have. Kabhi I fail, kabhi I pass… but, that’s perfectly ok. I try in the least.. and that’s enuf for me.
And so, I will try to take this for as long as I can. If on the way, I break down, you’ll know why.
I don’t want to be the person who didn’t give her best.
I never give my best to studies… I have got an exam on Monday and here I am sittin wid my lappy.
But, wen it comes to relations, I feel… I shud give my best… I shud…. And inshaAlllah I will…. To every relation.
But if on the way something goes wrong, remember I am, after all, a human.
I can’t show an unlimited capacity to absorb. I WON’T show an unlimited capacity to absorb.
If I ever decide on holding on to some thing, it’s not coz of the ‘thing’ , but coz of my own self, my own need to be that which I think is the way someone shud be.

If I put up with something, it’s my own need to… a test that I want to put myself thru, a lesson I want to learn, an example I want to set for myself, a belief that I have in ‘karma’. I want to make myself a stronger person, not just another sissy person you meet everywhere.
And wat exactly makes me strong is for me to decide.
The line between being forbearing and being exploited is a thin one… so thin that it wud be crazy to define its standard.
It shud rather be subjective, and hence, I shall choose to forbear till wen I fell like it.
And wen I feel it’s done… tab it’s done.
I will give it my best, I promise.
But, no, inshaAllah I wont break myself in the process.
There’s always a choice.
I have the choice now… and I shall have the choice then too.
I have chosen now…. And I shall choose then too.
But, there’s no rule that forces me to choose the same thing twice.

So newaz.
Allah hafiz.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Mermaid Dream & Talking To God :)

my eyes are aching. My acuity is low. And well sorry i meant my forehead is aching. Hmmm Alhamdulillah my paper today was better than the first one. First one wasnt really gr8. Wasnt AT ALL gr8. Hmmm. I had another dream where cham cham was sitting somewhere, was some function at college.
day before last . . Night i mean. . Had a little of water element in my dream. It was a fantastic dream by the way. It had all the people in the world. Abbu, mummy, aapa, fiza, faaris, mani, rahima, phuppi, phuppa, avin, ani's parents, alok, shikha didi, mansi didi, natasha ma'am, bhupi sir, nikhil sir (who lukd like K.C), azhar, shanoob (with a stud in his left ear:p), kaushani, another friend but i dont remember who, saheba, shaheen, pandey sir. . . Thats all i remember now. . . But. . . . Seriously, twas a big star cast :)
and ha . . . In one part of the dream mummy abbu, the gals with the babies and me. . We go for an 'outing' to this place which is a narrow stretch of land in a huge sea. . . And we sit there on those round chairs, like the one i had when i was a child. . And that jetty or whatever that stupid place was (twas narrower than the narrowest jetty in the world) was at the sea level. . Literally. . I mean not even an inch oocha . . Maybe twas a high tide :p lolz . . And ya. . We went to SUCH a place with the babies. . Oh . . The DON is absent from the cast na :) :)thats why :) warna aisa kabhi na hota :) and then . . All of a sudden, i find myself with avin. . And aunty and all (though i feel babies were still there) and i get up from the chair and say ki 'i am scared of water'. . (no, the sea wasnt violent. . . It wasnt totally calm either. . Or maybe thats what we call a calm sea. . Newaz. . Since i get so worked up by just the sight of a sea, i cant really say. . ). . And then i move back. . And then blah blah. .

last night i had a Mermaid Dream :) :) :) :) its been ages . . . Really. . Ages since i had my last mermaid dream. . Though, i dont remember much bout the dream (you see, coz of the papers. . I was trying to get back to reading the moment i got up. . And so couldn recall the dream well.). But i remember that it was not bout anything in particular. . And for the first time i remember the colour of my tail. Twas GOLDEN :) :) uhmmm that light golden colour . . Like . . I don know like wat. . But khair, not that deep golden of our ornaments. But a very different golden. . And i remember thinking that 'oh i am a mermaid rite now'. (meaning. . . Now i am in the mermaid phase and not a human . . . . That will be after sometime. . . :s) as if its the most normal thing in the world to keep shuffling between two identities, two identities belonging to two different species. Newaz. . . So i am this mermaid with a golden tail and i am looking at the land above (i am underwater. . . Near the surface. . And i am lookin thru the shallow waters at the bank. . . Which is rocky and ya . . . Some greenery. . Dont remember if that was coz of trees, or grass or whatevs) and thats all. . . I dont remember seeing anything specific, or thinking something. . . But ya i remember being happy that i have entered the mermaid phase . Again. ..Whatever. . .

another news is that my babies have started their great journey thru school. . .
their first day at school. . Was the 24th june , 2009. Name of school "Jingle Bells". That coast guard wala school which Ayaan attended.
:) :) my babies are 2 years 5 months old.
life is tough.. . . . . But . . . . Beautifully so :)

"My Conversations With God" is definitely my most favourite blog filhal. . . You SHOULD read it. . . Its such a beautiful blog. . . Its so so so beautiful (find it under "The Blogs I Love"). . . The other day, when my paper was screwed, i came on blogger and i knew the only one blog that i would want to read in that state of mind was this one. And :) it didnt fail me. There was a beautiful post thanking The Most Wonderful.
if you are on time, you may see a religious pic under the blog "Simple And Not So Simple Things" . . . (am on my cel, cant link. . Find the blog under "Jalpari Reads"), read that if you want to know what kind of people i totally love.
its the people who love God. :) not the ones who cant stop criticizing how poor a person is in following his religion, but the ones who show how beautifully they follow God themselves. Its not the people
who feel that their one duty in life is to fight with others's religions and show how bad other religions are rather than showing how good their own is. Its not the people who dedicate their whole blogs to bitching bout someone. I love the blogs and the bloggers who speak to God. :) who believe in God with a belief that is so special. Who question God, who fight with God, curse God, get mad at God, and then run back to him, throw their hands round His neck and give Him a kissi on the cheeks saying that they cant live without Him, that they love Him, and all that He does, and that they are sorry coz they have been naughty...and hug Him and tell Him all thats in their mind as they slowly drift into sleep.

Allah hafiz

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Go Married :D

a part of a conversation i had with Anu, one of the new 'Mess Girls' in my hostel,
Anu- "Full name? ?"
Me - "Shamim. . . Almas Shamim."
Anu- "Husband or Papa? ?"
Me - "Papa"
Anu- "No married? ?"
Me- "No married !!"
Anu - "Go married!!"
:D :D :D

Allah hafiz

Sunday, 21 June 2009

To My Most Faithful Reader . . .

:) Hey,
thank you for being such a regular reader of my blog. I cant say if you like it or not, but, just the fact that you keep coming back to it is sweet. Thanks :)
you know what i like most bout you? ? That you never comment. :) thanks for that too.
i myself dont comment much in others' blogs. Im a silent reader to MANY. :)
i think i know you, but, its only a guess. Would it be very wrong if you tell me who you are? ? In any case you are not ok with it, jaane do. :)
but, khair. . . I know my blog isnt talking bout the global issues and blah blah. . Its a very personal blog ! And still . . . You arent tired of reading bout my life. :) cool ! You
must be one tolerant person.
and in case you dislike my blog, well well. . . Thats the way i am. . :) take me or leave me :) thanks newaz.
i never write posts with the intention of being read, thats not the reason i started blogging. . So having a reader is kind of 'wow' :p newaz. Tc


Happy Birthday Lappy Baby :)

Its a hap hap happy birthday . .
its a hap happy birthday to you .

:) :) :) :) :)

love you darling :)


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

When in India... Speak As The Indians Speak... :D

A year ago,at a bus station (not a bus stop...but those big bus-addas), i was asked by a totally confused white lady "does *** bus ******** *****?"
i was like "???????????? SORRY??????????"
my friend, who is the queen of foreign accents understood the lady, but before she cud reply to her... this lady turned to another man sitting in the bus she was talkin bout and repeated her question "does ### bus ### ### ###?" the man told "yes yes"...she jumped into the bus... the bus left...
all this happened in a fraction of a second....
and then my friend turned to me and told with a big smile on her face that the lady had asked "Does this bus go to Kottayam?"
i knew what was coming and i asked if the bus was going to kottayam...
she told me laughing, "No...it goes to Kollam.."

if only the lady had been wise to know that Indians, at least the majority, DO NOT understand their accent, and had said K-O-T-T-A-Y-A-M.. slowly with each syllable distinct and not wid the KO getting lost in the TA and the TA getting lost in the YAM... she wud have had an easier... relativley easier stay in India..

originally posted as a comment on INDIA-AAAGH: Honk If You Love Chinese ...by... Chailey


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