Saturday, 18 April 2009

How People Reach My Blog.....

Well. I find it very difficult to concentrate while studying..
Newaz… I just thot of finishing this post…
These are some of the google searches that bring people to my blog….
There are many actually… coz’ it’s only google who sends people to this blog :D :D otherwise.. people hardly visit it!
Now, the chances of the SAME people searching for the SAME thing and clicking on the SAME link to come to this SAME blog are slim…but, khair!

1. Manchester United…. Image search

Ya….. a lot of ppl reach on ‘jalpari’ while searching for ManU players’ pics…
:D :D :D wow!!!! :D :D :D it’s that loooooonnnngggg post I’d written on my love-hate relations with ManU that’s responsible…..
And I’m sure u do find some gud pics in here..

esp of my Bulgarian King :)

2. “What is Jalpari?”…… “Real Jalpari” …….. “Jalpari found in beach”…. “Jalpari + fish”……. etc…etc…etc

Jalpari is a Hindi/Urdu word meaning ‘Mermaid’….A mermaid is a creature whose top half is of a woman and the bottom half of a fish (though I’ve seen a pic of a mermaid with top of a fish and legs like a lady… some claimed it was a real pic…. We had it in our house in black and white… and some strange language scribbled behind..) she lives underwater…. Some say she’s not real… some say she WAS real, IS NOT…some say she IS real…she has been associated with many magical powers….
She is believed to be a goddess by some, a witch by others..
Some say she gifts her mirror to people she loves…
Some say she sings beautifully to attract sailors whom she later EATS…
Some say all her magical powers are hidden in her COMB.
She has male partners too… “mermen”
She can bless you if she likes you and if she dislikes you…no Curse can beat HER curse.
There are so many things bout Jalparis, that I’d never be able to write down….
Well, so why do I call myself Jalpari everywhere???
It’s coz’ of my water dreams…. 99.9% of my dreams have the element “Water”….80% are mostly revolving in/around “Water”….. 50% involve the same “cliff/hill/mountain +++ narrow path +++ sea+++me”…. And in a few selected ones I have seen Jalparis…. Of these, in one (my first ‘mermaid’ dream) I saw my elder sister is a mermaid… along with many others… In 2-3 I’ve seen A jalpari (not anyone I know of)… and in the rest I see I am the jalpari….so.. that’s why!!!

No… Jalparis aren’t found anymore, they are probably not real anymore (maybe WERE real , but newaz not now!), not in the beaches, not anywhere!

No… Jalpari is not a kind of fish… at least not a kind you wud like to fry and eat!!!!

3. “Right eye fadakna”….. “eye fadakna”
I think, for men- rt eye fadakna is good and left ka is bad… opposite for women….
That’s what ive heard… but, don’t worry.. it’s all upto faith…. If u feel it’ll happen… chances are it will…newaz…

4. Islamic prayer for Vitiligo

Ya! I suffer from vitiligo! It’s a depigmenting skin disease where ‘white’ patches develop on ur skin…

And Alhamdulillah! these ar not my pics.. got them on google..

but, Im not gonna google the prayer.. I’ll just say one that I know.
My mummy had been told by an aunty..

Wen you make up in the morning, read “Allahussamad” (Allahu Samad) 41 times, then, with ur index finger touch ur saliva (the concept is dat.. wen u read it, it gets dissolved in ur saliva) and apply this saliva where u hav the lesion…
inshaAllah, twill be cured!!!
I have been doin it for years now! Alhamdulillah!
No, it’s not cured… but, if you have any idea of this disease, u’d know that it spreads like wild fire….
Alhamdulillah! It did not in my case… it’s rite where it had started! On the bridge of my nose! Sad .. isn’t it? rite in the centre of my face! For all to see??? :)
Well… sometimes Allah gives us things that r beneficial for us! Only.. we don’t see it!
And of course, wat matters is Iman…. All u need is Iman… if u hav Iman, u hav the world!

“Samad” means- ‘that true power on which everything is dependent and which itself depends on nothing’….
And as far as I know, the Pharaoh at the time of Moses A.S. (wat was his name? :o) had this disease and someone had told him that he’d be cured by the saliva of the one who came by the river… something like dat… and it was intended to mean the saliva of Prophet Moses A.S.

And ya.. there’s one more prayer for diseases of ‘jild’… esp mentioning the name of ‘patches’… it’s in a book “Bihashti Zevar” which is at home, I’ll ask mummy to read it out for me.. and InshaAllah update this post..

psst psst: know a famous person reportedly suffering from vitiligo????
Michael jackson :)

5. “Wa ta izzo mantashao wa ta zillo mantashao”

In Urdu it wud mean,
“Hum jise chahe Izzat de… jise chahe zillat de”
It’s a part of a longer Verse (no.26) of the Surah Al-Imran.. this part ka translation is "Thou enduest with honour whom Thou pleasest and Thou bringest low whom Thou pleasest"

6. “ear-piercing”

And ya!!! All who search for this one are from other countries (prolly lukin out for safety measures and precautions and cleanliness...)… coz’ Indians won’t (I think they wont. I hope they wont) google it b4 getin it done!!!! It’s like the most natural thing on Earth!!!!
I dunno wat u r tryin to luk for!!! Ways of piercing????? There are many.. I don know the names… nor will I be able to describe….
Ummm. I got mine pierced from a Tamil jewellery shop… and they told me to eat a ‘banana’ after I get it done!!! I remember crying! No silly! Not coz of the pain (it didn’t pain… not the earlobe …but in the other parts in the ear… :( :( :( there’s a little bit of pain).. I basically cried coz I was scared… I was, maybe, 3….
Ahhhh!!! Don remember the age! Before KG.2 newaz… that’s sure!

These are the only ones I remember
And im sleepy
Shabba Khair
Allah hafiz


NiDa said...

LOL sis, this is a very unique post! Whenever I see your ID "JALPARI" I start singing atif aslams song :P.... Ek jal pari....

Interesting nonetheless :D

minty said...

salam.... hey i found your blog from your post from your comments on my own blog... and i love to come and visit and see what you post, your posts are very interesting masha'Allah

xoxo, nadia said...

Finally, Jalpari explained.

I always wondered what it meant (:

Cool...I never bothered to track people reading my blog because as far as I'm concerned I got 5 readers (:

5 wonderful readers and you're one of them. Hurray

o0UmmHasan0o said...

salam alaykum sis.. masha'Allah i always loved the id you use... and now i have plenty of meanings..

i love to pop in and read the latest from you always refreshing..

keep up the great work
umm hasan

Lisa said...


That is so funny about The Little Mermaid. I was also wondering about the name. I am sorry to hear about your disorder though, I had a friend with it, and he is one of the most handsome nicest guys I've ever known. And inspirational. thank you for sharing with us sweet friend. I love you!

Falling Up said...

People get to our blog by weird ways, too. Jalpari means mermaid? how cute! Lol. I don't know why that got me so excited, but it did. :)

Vitiligo, yikes. Hopefully it isn't too bad. There was this patient who came in the dermatology during our posting every week for treatment. We saw her a year later and she was almost fully repigmented, If I can say that here. But one of the doctor said there's still no guarantee so he doesn't support it.

Asha said...

Salaam Sis Almas,

Ahh I like the name! I was thinking, what does it means. I thought it is sorta your nickname. Ok dear mermaid- i mean Almas- I hope you are doing well there? Hope your studies are going well there insyaAllah? Oh man, assignments such a pain ergh seriously :(
Studyy harrdd ok :D Catch you preetty soon!

JaLpArI said...

hey... howz u sis???
well... i too like dat song!
but, well... i hate atif!!!!
:D :D :D

lolz:) well ya! i think that's another way ppl reach my blog!
and thanks! :)

JaLpArI said...

@ nadia
:D :D
lolz.. and well, you mite be having way more than 5 readers... many dont like 'following'... :D :D
u have a 'real' blog... i luv ur blog... im sure u have many many readers.. :)

JaLpArI said...

@ ummHasan
:) :) :)
thank you so much dear sis! i visit ur blog regularly and i missed u wen u were away for such a long time...

JaLpArI said...

Salaam Lisa
heyy.... am sorry to hear bout ur friend... hope it's not too bad....
love u too dear ! :)

JaLpArI said...

hey falling up!!!
i love that blog u guys have!!!
though it's takin me some time to get the hang of it...
im new.. :)

:D :D :D i think i'll add 'mermaid' to my blog name.. no one seems to know the meaning!

and ya!!! vitiligo's treatment is rally really uncertain...
i, personally, dont think it can be cured... of course Allah can do anythin..
wat i meant was.. those medicines, creams and blah blah...

JaLpArI said...

Wassalam Asha!
:) Alhamdulillah me doin well... studies not goin well..
in fact, not studyin at all
and ya...
i know ... u r TOOOO busy.. u ve been actually CHANTING that :D :D
tc dear..

JaLpArI said...

lolz.. i changed the title of my blog
:D :D

sandy25.009 said...


in our family we usually do not mix milk products with non-veg food to avoid this desease, same as in ur case dont know the scientific reason behind it.

i dont get my glass of milk at night if i eat mutton/chicken/fish in dinner.

hope that it will help u


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