Friday, 31 October 2008

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
The night before last , I cried.. im sorry. And for the last week also….You know, that I wasn’t being ungrateful…I was simply sad.. it’s very normal. Isn’t it?.. it’s all coz of the element ‘earth’ that You added while making us…it’s very human…do You remember, when Huzur(S.A.W)’s son passed away, even He had a drop of tear in His Eyes….then, can’t I cry?
But, You know what? I thank you with all my heart for doing things the way You do… remember all that happened in my first year??? All were teling me that I’m wrong in doin watev I did… now, see.. wasn’t it all rite??? I thank You God for being with me always, and makin only the best happen to me…I trust in You with all my heart..
I know You’d never abandon me…
Love You..

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Muslims - the Terrorists!!!

I read this blog post recently……linking muslims with terrorism

Its really sad and true that “TERRORISM” is a word that’s associated only with Muslims, when, if you think for a little while, you’d realize that there are bigger sources of “TERROR” for a normal man than suicide bombing attacks by Muslims….

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary defines:
“terror” :- 1. extreme fear  the use of terror to intimidate people.  a cause of terror
“terrorist” :- a person who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims

So… , is there no other faction, besides the Muslim fanatics, who fall under the above mentioned category? Of course, there are…
Don’t the chronic criminals deserve to be called terrorists? The various anti-government organizations (and there are many), aren’t they terrorists? The fanatics of other religions, who believe in killing and destruction to be their only voice, aren’t they terrorists?

But, no… the media projects Muslims to be the only terrorists…. So much so that, people have started believing the term ‘Muslim’ to be synonymous to ‘Terrorist’…

Even the tv serials which have no reason whatsoever to bring ‘terrorism’ into their stories, somehow manage to bring some element of ‘terrorrism’ into their scripts and show Muslims to be terrorists…. In short, ‘Terrorism=Muslims’ is a concept that sells, just like a few years bak it was ‘sex’ , and in no way will the tv channels let this golden opportunity slip away, even if it’s at the cost of dividing the society, and thereby leading to ‘terrorism’ in the true sense….

However, there’s this really funny thing bout these serials…
In these shows, the ‘terrorists’ always have very long names……..
The length of the names goes on increasing as the rank of the terrorist increases in his organization…… like suppose there’s a local informer, his name wud be……….. mmmmm. Let’s say …. Muhammad Zainulabideen
Then ther’s one whoz the head of these local informers, his name wud be Muhammad Abdul Yaseen Sheikh,
Then, (skipping many in between), let’s reach Pakistan (where all the terrorist organizations are shown to have their bases), the one who is to be contacted to reach the Boss, wud have a name like…………. Muhammad Sarfaraz Liyaqat Ali Shah.
And finally the boss wud be named…….. Muhammad Haaroon Abbas Hameed Zulfiqar Ali Khan …………dyu get wat I mean????

3 points to be noted here
1. ‘Muhammad’ is essential in your name, if you aim to become a terrorist.
2. you should preferably be a ‘Khan’ if you have really high goals.. like heading terrorist organizations….
3. researches have shown that the ‘bin’ and ‘ibne’ system of names are not prevalent in India Pakistan, but are quite common in the Arab World, so, if you aim to be a terrorist in the Middle East, get urself a sexy “A bin B bin C bin D bin E” kind of a name. In this way, you’d also be paying a tribute to your grandfathers…:D

So, you see how small I feel by having a name like Almas Shamim, that just doesn’t feel Muslim , going by the names our wonderful media shows us….
In the worst of all situations are my dear Keralite Muslims (many of them), who have names like
Sibin M
Anoop S
Shanoob Azad (a boy who I met at an inter-college feast, and wile discussing bout
something(I don remember wat), I told him “Ohhhhh,u
are one of the Goddess Sarawati Brahmins!!!!” He (and all his
friends) gave me a blank look… I thot they don’t know who
‘Goddess Saraswati Brahmins’ are…and I went bout explaining it
completely, only to be told, at the end, that Shanoob was a
Muslim….huh!!!! Why God???? Why dyu always do it to me??????)
Sajin T
Etc.etc. etc.

Poor fellows, never will they be considered Muslims by our Media….:D

But, wat bout the Muslims who do have really lengthy names, and yet, somehow, miraculously, amazingly, are NOT terrorists?????????? What wud the Media say bout them??????
Welllllllll, as pointed out by the Indian Muslim Blogger, Media wud present to its viewers (I believe that the print media is relatively sane as compared to the television news channels) that the sole reason that these Muslims (the ones with the long names, and for that matter, the ones with the short names too) have NOT YET been labeled as terrorists and are still BEING ALLOWED TO ROAM FREELY, is definitely and most definitely VOTE BANK POLITICS…………

So much for the beautiful Mother India, we are so proud of!!!!

Allah hafiz

Saturday, 25 October 2008


I know there’s no sense in the way I react towards my dreams… but, I can’t help it… a few days bak I again had a dream bout mummy.. she and I enter a bus near the Clock Tower in Blair, but, mummy gets down and goes somewhere… I don’t… it’s only after quite some time that I realize that mummy wudn hav behaved this way ever coz, I didn’t know where I was to get down… mummy knew that I wudn know where to alight… besides, we were not carrying our cels, so, we cudn even speak…. I then realized that I shudn have boarded the bus widout mummy but shud hav gone with her……………………………., prolly she is in some danger, I cud have prevented it….. then I see a down hill journey (there is nothing that scares me in my dreams as much as down hill journeys) and that too along the coast… I remember seeing a very stormy sea… water… the elememt that speaks to me thru my dreams…. I then reach somewhere, where I realize, ya.. something’s happened to mummy , otherwise I wud hav seen her by now…..
Then, suddenly I see mummy and she says “ hum waapas aa gaye”…and suddenly I see anupriya ( a batchmate) who says me.. she is the only one who returned…(pause) coz’ she hadn gone…..

And , then I muse… oh !!! she returned coz’ she hadn gone… coz’ those who go, never return!!!

I called up mummy as soon as i woke up, but, everything was fine.. Alhamdulillah!!!

Today, I woke up by aapa’s call telling me that mummy is too too too sik, was admitted in the hospital at two in the morning……

Within a month, I have seen two dreams bout mummy and that too mummy’s death… I’m scared like shits….

Again in the evening today, I saw one in which I’m speakin to mumma over the phone and we r talkiin,,, she’s telling that we shud be good to others explicitly…. And I tell that we shud be good at heart, and in the explicit be normal… never try to be good, and never try to avoid being bad… coz’ that’s important in life… to be good to the good and bad to the bad, but never with a bad heart!!!... and she starts speaking (I don remember wat) and suddenly, the line goes dead….or whateva..but, I can’t hear her anymore….and even in my dream, I am thinking bout the same thing…. A speaking mummy goes silent…. Bad sign………………………

But, this is a very obvious dream.. I mean I have been thinking bout such things the whole day…. But the other one I saw a few days bak and the one in september were not related to anything that happened that day…………..

My mummy Is my bestest friend…. I love you mummum….

Allah hafiz

Friday, 24 October 2008

24th October, 2008 messages

Here are the last 10 messages in my inbox and sent items

Azhar : Jaan , kya karta?
Harish Kammath : Business card
Azhar : Jaan, how s your mamma?
Azhar : very sick kya? Hospital main test hua kya!!!
Azhar : acha kya hua
Azhar ; acha are you angry with me?
Azhar : no I thought you are, by your replies
Azhar : nothing its k
Anisha Fathima: A new born baby asked the nurse: “ do you have a mobile?”
Nurse: “yes, but, why do you need it?”
Baby: “ I want to give missed call to God to inform that I’ve reached here”
Mohsin Ali : Being happy doesn’t mean that everything’s perfect,
It just means, you’ve decided to see life beyond the imperfections.
So, don say you r happy coz everythin’s alrite…
Be happy coz’ everythin sucks, but u r doin just fine!!!

Sent Items
Azhar : nothing
Harish Kammath : Do you have Manju Maam ka no.? Please…. I need to ask something bout medicines… Please
Harish Kammath: Thanks dear:)
Azhar : sick
Azhar : will message later. Bye
Azhar : she is very sick, tests will be done tomorrow, inshaAllah
Azhar : no, why shud I be angry with you?
Azhar : no, am not. How am I supposed to reply now?
Azhar : ok
Azhar : I’m sorry for not replying properly. Was tensed. Ok?

Allah hafiz

Sunday, 19 October 2008

So, Whoz Crowned PAKISTANI??? (part 1)

In my previous post I have mentioned bout a film that shows how a candidate for the post of sarpanch was made to withdraw, by accusing her husband of being a Pakistani spy working for the ISI…..
This reminded me of an incident which speaks of similar feelings, and this, in turn, reminded me of many incidents falling under the same seamy category of attitude that I call “discrimination”…….
Belonging to such a an Indian minority that had once caused the division of India, and probably will lead to yet another…. I (and am sure, many otherz) have had many experiences of becoming a Paki, whether I like it or not… whether I accept it or not…. And I know, this will never end…not just because of something that happened in 1947, but, because… there ARE Muslims who, I assume, forgot to move to the other side, and remain here , only to litter the land with shit in which the feet that get dirtied are not their own, but actually belong to the Muslims who have CHOSEN to be Indians…..
I shall try to recall as many instances as I can where I or someone I know was labeled a Paki (of course, not including the open remarks of people like Bal Thackery) and even mention 3 instances of the not-so-Indian Indians…
1. I got a message from a classmate (Orthodox Christian, Keralite brought up in
Blair, female… won’t be mentioning any names)…. That read.. “in New York, a man was walking down an alley when he saw an old lady being attacked by a dog…. He found a stick from somewhere and beat the dog until it ran away and the lady was rescued… a journalist who witnessed the whole episode, came up to the man and asked “you have done such a gr8 job.. helped an old lady….America shud be really proud of you, are you from NY?”
man : “no, sir”
journalist: “then you definitely must be from Texas”
man: “no,sir.. am from Pakistan”
the next day’s New York Times headlines
“Muslim Terrorist Attacks Local Dog”

Well,now I really liked this message and so forwarded it to all my friends… and since India has more of non-Muslims than Muslims…. My contact list too has more of non-Muslims… and so many many non-muslims got this message from me….
1 of my friends(plz take note.. of all the people, no one was so crazy except this asshole), lets call him Mr.V replies me “Oh, so you are a Pakistani supporter?” (EXCUSE ME???????? WHAT?????)
Me (thru sms): “no, but am a Muslim and I support Muslims”
Mr.V: “ya, and all terrorists are Muslims”
(((((((( I know that sir, thanx for making me feel so good)))))))))))))
Me: “ya, I know”
Mr.V: “I do agree that there are a few who are good, yet, all terrorists are muslims”
(plz note “THERE ARE A FEW WHO ARE GOOD”…. Oh, so you are tryin to tell me that of the billion or so Muslims only A FEW ARE GOOD and all the rest are going bout killin people……c’mon speak it out , that’s what u wanna say… a few are good but the majority are terrorists….. welllllll.. don’t you think that the world wud have burnt down to ashes long long back had the whole minus A FEW of the second largest religion on this planet taken to killin others)
Me : “ya”
Mr.V : “do you agree?”
Me : “ ya”
(very well, I agree,sir… and do YOU agree that India is killin innocent Kashmiris? Do YOU agree that Muslims in Palestine took the rap when a crazy Christian went bout killing Jews in Europe? Do YOU agree that it is quite illogical to compare the demolition of a temple by A Muslim Foreign ruler who at that time Ruled India to the demolotion of a mosque in the Sovereign Socialist SECULAR Democratic Republic Of India?
I surely agree with you on that one…. Do you agree with me on this one? Or lemme be clearer, do you have the guts to agree with me on this one, knowing you could be PROFILED ?)
I have never spoken to him ever since….. except during the tour when I didn’t really speak, I gave him water (Islam doesn’t permit the refusal of water)
You’d think I played it up…. But…. There was something else that had happened before this little “chit-chat” on the sms that made me cut off all contacts with him after the ‘all terrorists are muslims’ episode….

We started chattin over the sms one evening over general topics, starting with why am I not living in the college hostel (it all happened in my first year of college), blah blah blah… and then suddenly, “Do you believe in my Gods?”
(hmmm, now don’t you know?)
Me: “well, I believe your gods to be Prophets, not Gods”
Mr.V : “ k, leave this topic”
(o ya!!!!! Leave this topic…. Did I start it in the first place??? Or did you?.... and what else did you expect me to answer….. I worship all the so called Gods on this planet, who to aise hi time pass ke liye Muslim bane baithe hai………..
If I say what you want to hear, you like me and if I say what I wanna say, I’m crap…
To hell with you, Almas speaks her heart, dhanyawaad)

I had completely forgotten bout this, and was reminded only wen he started wid dat typical t.v. material of ‘all terrorists are muslims, all terrorists are muslims, all terrorists are muslims’ ….

Newaz…. A few days after his futile attempts to chat with me …. I get an sms from an unknown number… “you have Pakistani ancestry….” (my gr8grandfather’s father was from Peshawar….and if you have any sense of History you’d know that it was long before the existence of a state called Pakistan)…
And a few days l8r… from another unknown number, the same thing in different words “your grandfather was Pakistani” (o ya! My grandfather was a Pakistani and after ’47, he crossed the border illegally with my father on his shoulders, coz he had gone nuts!!! And didn’t want to be in a majority muslim country, coz he cud foresee all the reservations Muslims wud get in India for being the impoverished minority, and lo! Here I am the Indian grand daughter of the Pakistani grandfather)
{just as a little piece of info: my grandfather, M.A.Khalique, was shot dead by the Japanese along with 8 other Indians, as a suspect Indian spy workin in the Japanese Wireless, leakin their info to Indian rebels…… we can still see his photo in the galley of Cellular Jail, The National Memorial….. my father was born in ’46 February posthumously}

Months later, in my 3rd sem, my friends and I are discussing bout my looks… ehm,!! Well, I have been told by Bengalis that I look jusssssssssttttt like a Bengali, by Tamilians that I look jusssssssssssttttttt like a Tamil and by Malayalees that I look jusssssssssssssstttttt like a Malayali……and this gal…. gives me an impish look and says “noooooooooo….. Almas looks like a Pakistani!!!!!!!!”

(o ya! And how may I know can you find the difference between a Paki and an Indian, just by looks?)

This gal, is the soon-to-be-or-not-to-be Mrs.asshole..huh!! She’s Mr.V’s galfriend……..

Me : “ya, I know why I you’re saying so “
She : “(laughs) why? Tell me”
Me : “just know that I know”
She : “ no, still… tell me”
Me : “ mera muh mat khulwao madam”
I don know if she understood the Hindi or not… newaz
She smiled
I smiled…
Smiles can have a thousand meanings…………

Newaz.. this post has gone way too long..
Will write a 2nd part…
……………………………………….TO BE CONTINUED

Allah hafiz.

Welcome to Sajjanpur

I have been doing little other than watching movies and reading novels for the past few days…. And possibly that’s wat id be doing in the near future as well…
Well, for the movies , I’ve seen Welcome 2 Sajjanpur, Khuda ke liye, A Wednesday, The Happening, 21……………
Lemme start with Welcome to Sajjanpur…. Coz it was the worst of all….
It’s bout a graduate who cudn get a job better than becoming a letter writer…. And thru these letters we come to know the lives of the people of that village, the lead role is played by Shreyas Talpade, who, I believe, is a really good actor, but, even a good actor needs a good script….
The movie desperately tries to be funny, but cannot earn more than a smile and that too in very few scenes…. 1 being …. Amrita Rao goes to Shreyas to get a letter written for her husband whoz workin in Bombay, it begins like “yaha sab raaji khusi hai…. Gay byaahi hai, doodh bohot hoth hai…tum hote to peete……”..:D
Amrita Rao was a darling as always…….. she is the sweeeeeeeeeeeetest female in bollywood… she does her typical sharmeela role very well  I simply love this gal.
There is a scene which shows how an influential person (as he assumes himself to be) scares off another contestant in the upcoming pancchayat election, by falsely claiming the contestant’s husband to be “an ISI agent and Pakistani Jasoos(spy)”….. :D this reminds of the innumerable ways in which Pakistan affects an average Indian Muslim’s life…(average Indian Muslim means one who iz not on the Mohammed Ali Jinnah (formerly) end of the spectrum and neither on the Dr.Kalaam end , but, somewhere in between….. )
On the whole it was a very bakwaas film, was more like the plays we perform at school, with hardly any rehearsals….
Chalo… tatas
Allah hafiz

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Gettin bored. . . .

should i go for casualty today or to town to get the flask. . ?. . . . . . Shall i finish the Zahir and write bout it. . Or first write bout those other two Coelho books that i have read? Or should i write bout all the 9 books that i have , together, after reading them all? Life is so tough. . . newaz
Allah hafiz

1920 & Phoonkh

i saw 1920 yesterday. . .. . . . It is a too good film yaar . . . . ! ! Scary in the true sense of the word. . . . Besides, i liked the story too. . . . I mean its not just lots of bhoot with no story. . . I found the kahaani kaafi interesting. . . . There are a few things bout the film that really deserves to be written bout :->
1. the actor. . . . Don know his name.. . . And don even know if it was his debut or not. . . . . But . . . He looks too good in the movie . . . (maam just scolded me for smiling, chudail) . . . I never liked him before this . .
2. It doesnt give credit to 'medical science' in the end. . . . I would have hated it, totally, had it shown some crap like that. . . I believe in the supernatural with all my heart, and i know medicine cant cure everything. contrast it with bhool bhulaiya which shows some stupid thing. . And Phoonkh , where in spite of knowing that the gal was cured by other means, the (smarty)husband lets his wife give credit to the doctor. . .
3. The last scene. . . . Where the guy recites the Hanuman chaalisa (wel, am nt a Hindu nd so i cnt b sure if it was Hanuman Chaalisa or nt, am sory if im wrng). . . Its just such a lovely scene. . . . I mean, . . . . Well , watch it for yourself. . . :)
4. The gal , wasnt really good lookin. . I mean , i didnt like her ... Maybe coz i liked the boy so much ;) newaz. . . I liked gayatri better. . .

Phoonkh, which i saw long back, was ok kinds, i had liked it then but due to that last scene where the husband remains dumb when his wife is all praises for the doc, i didnt like it as much as i would have liked it otherwise. . . It was not scary (in spite of the fact that i saw the movie in an almost empty theatre, there was only 1 old uncle, and the the boy who checks your tickets at the door , who saw the film along with me. . ) except at a very few scenes, 1 being the hero' s nightmare. . . The movie, instead of causing me any fear, made me think of the way Azhar dresses up and how nice it would be to be a husband rather than a wife. . . Etc etc. . .
the worst part of phoonkh was however, the way the grandma's hand extends long long long. . . We saw a similar thing long back in another movie, bees saal baad was the name i think. . .
newaz. . .
if you haven seen 1920 and phoonkh. . . You shud go for 1920 and never regret nt havin seen phoonkh :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dearest Azhar

Asslam azhu
I love you. Thank you for being with me through everything. I don't know how my life wud hav been, had u not been wid me, or, how it'd b if you go away. I want to b wid u always... always, always, always.
Watch tv while on phone, read newspaper while on phone, I want to travel with you. I want you, i want you, I want you.
I was a little gal
Thanks for being all that you've been.
I hated your last 7-8 months in college, coz' you were no longer my azhu...
I love your always ironed shirts, if you remember, a beautiful school bag with something violet somewhere, the blue shirt you wore for your farewell, those big Lee Cooper shoes, the way you always carry a pen, how you always order for beef fry as a sidedish, the way you ran to get me back the purse i'd lost in Chennai Central, the place you take me to see planes land and take off....
dyu remember that navy blue striped shirt you wore so often?
the way you always looked the other side, whenever you passed by my classroom, the way you sat at the railings,the 11th std. staircase, the zero periods..
the greeting cards you gave me...the blank greeting cards...
the first gift you ever gave me.. it's still in my showcase....
how you gave me register and notes of Gyan Sir.
I love you Azhar, your comments on each living person you meet, the way you always made fun of my 'slippers', the rasgullas you ate (never ate) in my home...
how you got me the barbie doll i wanted since childhood,the toy violin, all the cards that i tore....
your handwriting, the Vote of Thanks you gave, the volley ball matches you played...
the way you switched from Jyoti to Shanti coz' I was the Shanti house captain...
how you called up daily from Chennai during your 1st year...
the way you went out daily to buy pilot pen's ink, to be able to call me up...
the way you never forget to ask how my family is doing,
your smile, the way you fight with me,
the first day i heard your name,
the first day i saw you,
the first day i spoke to you,
the first day i met you.........
the way you forgot to go for your exam while fighting with me, the way you came to drop me to the airport on the day before your semester exam,....
the day you didn't clear Cognizant, the day you got thru your Elxsi interview....,the way you called me up after your placement... I love you azhu...
the way you don't shave when you come to meet me, coz' I like you that way...
i love that fragrance which came from you and also your house, and I used to make fun of you saying that you use room freshner instead of perfumes.....
the way you always wear perfume...
the way you always wear such a lot of perfume,,,
I so love the expressions on your face..
I miss you..
I wish school had never ended....i wish things to be as beautiful always...
your eyebrows, the swatch that you never wear, your peculiar way of walking..
the way you ask for salad, pappad, achar (8 varieties), sauce, chutney, etc. etc.etc before you start having your lunch that consists of not more than 4-5 morsels..How you order for all the food in the world and let me eat everything. the way you always try to calm down my anger by offering Fountain Pepsi,
the puchka store in Spencer, which we never fail to visit....
our search for Sea Shells, which you were telling was a wite building and I was teling, was a black one & we made the auto wala go crazy and newaz.. finally found it... it was beautifully black..:)we went there coz' it's famous for it's sea food but, ordered everything but sea food!!!
How you make autowalas stop rite in front of the shops we have to enter, something i'm fed up of tellin you not to do..
when we go to shops, the way you buy things for me so stealthily, that i don't even come to know..the way you help me decide how to study, in spite of not knowing anything bout MBBS.
the way your heart melts when you hear me crying, even when we are having the most heated fights....
the way we have spent most of our time together in Shopping malls....
the way you told me sorry after coming bak home for all that had happened in those last months of your college.
I love you Azhu and I sincerely pray to Allah for things to go well.
Allah Hafiz.

Malayalam Disaster!!!

This happened during the staff registration at the 3D Indiana demo….

I committed the sin of not recognizing the HOD Anatomy and so, when I asked him for his ‘designation’ ….
He told “anatomy”
Now I found it really awkward to ask him exactly what in antomy?... of course, he didn’t himself fill all the posts in the Anatomy department…. Uggh!!
“HOD” he told.
Fine I thot…
Suddenly I heard Anisa say, “She’s in 4th year”
Apparently, Dr.HOD had asked me something in Malayalam, which I didn’t hear coz’ my “Malayalam Antennae” were switched off…
And then ….. Dr. HOD starts speaking in Malayalam and I look at him, he speaks and I look at him, he speaks and I look, with my “Malayalam Antennae” switched on, but, as always happens with me in emergency situations, failing to catch the signals properly…
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa standing up, I stand up too….
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa smiling, I smile too..
From the corner of my eye I see Anisa nodding her head sheepishly, I nod too, trying to be sheepish, coz’ fuck man! I don’t even know what’s happening and all my Malayalam knowledge has deserted me…
I understand one word here and one word there, all of which when put together make no sense to me!
Finally, when Sir leaves, I turn to Anisa with one of my ‘what-the-fuck?’ looks and she says with an ‘oh-the-fuck!’ look (the difference in the two looks being the punctuation marks that are painted across our faces:D) that he had asked me (at the beginning of this Malayalam disaster) if I didn’t know him… and since Ani was quick to realize that I haven’t heard the question.. she had replied that I was in 4th year.. ( and so, I didn’t know the HOD of a first year subject)
But, probably the Dr. had felt bad and so, he went on to explain ALL that he was…. This and that and that and this.. he had started so and so, was the founder of so and so.. etc. etc.. (to which all that standing, smiling and nodding were done).. In short, what he meant was that he was THE H.O.D. ANATOMY OF ALLAPPUZHA MEDICAL COLLEGE and we , disgusting, deplorable, crappish 4th years, didn’t know who HE was, HE, the HOD of a subject we cleared in 2006 , a subject we studied under 2 HODs (like most of our non clinical subjects, coz’ no one wants to work in Alpy)….………..
So, I think safer wud be to go to the Academic Section once a week and get updated bout the transfers and appointments and retirements that happen in the VARIOUS departments.. steal a pic of all the teachers, and write their names below it and paste it on my wall and luk at them every morning, just so that, if in future I ever meet a doctor , I don’t commit the unforgivable sin of not recognizing him/her……………
Allah hafiz.


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