Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A Feeling Divine

With all its rays, it shines really bright,
Tearing apart the darkness of the night.
As a diamond in coal entices your eye,
So does this glow in a pitch black sky.

With the wholeness of a pearl, or the crescent of a smile,
It compels you to stop, look, and admire it for a while.
A single look can wipe off pain, the sense of chill or that of heat,
The dwellers of the world? Oh well!. . . Their hearts skip a beat.

Like the eyes make friend with the glittering tears,
It travels through the night with the stars as its peers.
As its reflection dances on the seas and streams . . .
. . From the sky it slowly enters my dreams.

Just as love can only be shared, not borrowed or hired,
Its eternal beauty, too, can only be desired.
Sensing this beauty is a feeling divine,
That person's lucky who can say,
"The MOON is mine."


{in 10th, age -15, in memory of Prince}

A Candle Doesnt Burn Forever . .

Out of my illusions and my cravings for the rare,
I have now stepped into this new world with care.
I have borne enough; now it's your turn sweetheart!
But in no way shall I let our ways part.
It's gonna be tough, really tough, I swear,
But, in this vast world are you my only pair?
If you can love many, why cant I?
"Tit for Tat" are the words in which I rely.
I cant love you throughout-Oh never!
Just like"a candle doesnt burn forever".

{in 10th, age-14}

My Canvas

It took my heart away
Her smile worth a milion.

Like a rose on a shrub, she sat on a rock
Near the breaking waves at the shore
Her mystic eyes hid the world inside,
And you'd crave for more and more.

Her dusky skin and the setting sun,
Oh! What a pleasant view!
Her purple lips moved now and then,
And sang verses quite a few.

And then she turned, her eyes met mine,
Looking at my canvas, her lips broke a slight.
A crescent took form and the pearls inside
Like twinkling stars were brought to light.

It took my heart away,
Her smile worth a million!!!!!


Monday, 19 May 2008

Boo hoo . . . Sob sob . . Sniffle sniffle. .

the title means am crying. . .
took that from comics when i was a kid. . And since then it has always meant the same. .

now, was bout to go to chennai in the last week of this month. . .But , now, not going coz of the examz. . ,

thats why they say. . Should study from the beginning. . .Had i done that. . Would have been at home now. . Newaz. . No regrets. . . Better study 1 month. . Without goin home. . Than studying full year without going home thrice. . :-) :-) :-) lolz. . . Now how many would have done that. . .

"screw you guys . . I am going home. ,". . Am not in that community for nothing. . . Ha ha ha

newaz. . This time . . Screw self. . Coz not going home . . Could have done shopping yaar. . .No clothes to wear. . .No chappals to wear. . .No purse. . Noting. . .

what to do?

i will tell what to do. . -

GO STUDY. , !!!!!!!

oh. . Okie. . Tatas
allah hafiz

Sunday, 11 May 2008

examz over.....hostel story..

well examz are finally over and so, i can blog.... have come out coz airtel is low..in brief...... hostel fees now 2000, kailasa mein no place to pray,.. there's a gal with her bed at the western wall.... and the room is too dirty... cant pray there... the other room near kalyani's is good, but again western wall not free.... so, will wait till the next allottment... newaz.. xamz didn't go well... more info in "confrontation", will come again and write more later.. gotto go now..
Allah hafiz..


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